01 / 04 / 2013
Issaya Siamese Club Cookbook

Chef’s award-winning cookbook in English, all of the techniques and ingredients included in the 81 signature Issaya recipes are authentic, representing centuries of Thai food culture. Background information on the history of Thai cooking, along with the story of how Issaya Siamese Club became established in a historic residence in Bangkok, is also included.

The recipes cover the length and breadth of the Issaya repertoire, from dipping sauces and curry pastes to spicy salads, main dishes and Thai sweets. Tips on set-up and preparation unique to Thai cuisine are addressed as well. Highlights include step-by-step photo instructions for iconic Issaya recipes such as Mieng Tuna and Khanom Thong Taek and background ingredient formulation and uses, such as limestone water. Issaya Siamese Club Cookbook is currently distributed to retailers in Asia, the Gulf, France and the US. For more information please go to www.issaya.com.

launch : First printing 2013


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